Children at Trinity

Judy Hall

Children give life to our congregation!

Each week our young people hear the stories about Jesus’ life and his stories of love and compassion for all God’s people. A beam of Christ’s light is in each of us and we are called to share this light with others in our everyday lives. For this reason our children (up to Grade 6) are known as Light Beamers. We encourage them to shine—shine with the light of God’s love for others to see.

Light Beamers are an integral part of our worship. They are welcomed to come to the front as a group for part of the gathering of the community, to light the Christ candle with the minister and spend time with the minister for an age-appropriate lesson. Children can then leave with their leaders who engage with them in their own space during the remainder of the service.

Children are also included in the life of the church in other ways, such as for communion, special events and activities.