” Love changes everything, including us.”

Trinity United Church is now officially an Affirming United Church faith community. Here at Trinity, we strive to be Jesus-centric as we try to emulate Jesus’ radical inclusivity by welcoming all people regardless of what makes us different or similar. A vote was taken at our AGM this Sunday and all but one vote called for Trinity to begin this brand-new chapter in the life of our faith community. Thank you to all those who worked diligently to make this happen- especially to Thelma Beaudry who put her heart and soul into making Trinity an Affirming and safe space for everybody.

More good news! Cathy and Craig Fairley are over the moon ecstatic with the outpouring of generosity they have received from you for the Home of Grace orphanage in Kenya, Africa. People were very generous with their lunch donations and others made donations above and beyond the lunch contribution. So how much was raised? Well, money is still trickling in, but at last word … drum roll please … eighteen hundred dollars is going to make its way to the Home of Grace when Cathy heads to Africa in April. Wow! Love changes everything. Thank you once again for putting our money where our faith is and loving our neighbour (anybody in need) half way across the world.

This fundraiser tied in so nicely to our Lenten journey because at this time we are reminded to once again examine our lifestyles and ask ” what can I do for others?” Part of faith formation and spiritual development at any age is compassion and offering a serving heart to our neighbours both near and far. Here at home, our Trinity Light Beamers are doing their own Lenten Helping Hands project called “Coins for Lent.” It was recently launched during our Light
Beamer time at church. It’s a project the whole family can get behind. Each Light Beamer has a mason jar and from now until Easter will put coins in the jar saving up money to go to the women’s shelter here in Huntsville. Their Lent giving calendar tells them what to look for everyday and then proceed to place a coin in the jar. For example, on the calendar February 28th calls for a coin for every T-shirt you can find in your home. Another day may be a coin for every jar of peanut butter or pair of shoes in your closet! If you would also like to be part of this giving project, I am sending a calendar with all the days and items for each day included. Let’s all do what we can to shine our light into our world. God knows we need it!

Still with our Light Beamers, a reminder to parents and grandparents that they will be taking part in their first Holy Communion this coming Sunday morning. Our leaders Jeannette and Cathy have been teaching our young people what Holy Communion is all about and Cathy even baked bread one Sunday as part of their lesson. Years ago, you were not allowed to take Communion until you were Confirmed. That was the way it was for me too. Things have changed and evolved. Now, with some nurturing and instruction, children are welcome to come to the table with their families- no longer being excluded from this sacrament of our faith.

The church service for Muskoka Traditions has been cancelled for tomorrow due to a lockdown there. I do believe the lockdown at Roger’s Cove has now been lifted. The service at Fairvern Nursing Home is still a go at 10:30 Thursday morning.

This Sunday we are continuing with our Wandering Heart message series as we try to figure out our faith along side of one of our most well-known disciples Simon Peter. Our first week Jesus called Peter to come and follow him and to be fishers of people. Last week Peter taught us that if we want to walk on water we have to get out of the boat! Fear keeps us stuck. Faith moves us forward. But faith and doubt are part of our faith journey’s. As one writer whose name escapes me at the moment says “doubt is the ants in the pants of faith.” This Sunday Jesus is asking Peter who the crowds think he is. Then he asks Peter and the other disciples who THEY think he is. This is a question we have to ask ourselves too. Who is Jesus for you today and what difference does it make to how you show up in the world each and every day? Or does it make any difference?


Don’t forget tomorrow night (Thursday) our Lenten movie series is continuing. Our feature film is called The Age of Adaline, starring Harrison Ford. Show time is 7 pm with an intermission and a chance to chat and grab some popcorn. Admission? 5 dollars! Come and bring a friend!

The World Day of Prayer service is this Friday at 1: 30 pm at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Thank you to the members of Trinity who are taking part in this service. We’ll see you there. Next year the WDP will be held here at Trinity United Church. Be sure to check the attached links at the bottom of this page.

It sure feels like winter tonight, doesn’t it?

Companions on this path we walk together,


Rev. Diane