June 20th, 2024

“Imagine yourself as a diver on a cliff. Now exhale and dive into the unscripted day.

Mark Nepo

 Hello and Happy Summer Solstice!

Here we are diving into the longest day of the year and our much-anticipated season of summer!  And with that hot and humid heat dome hovering over us- don’t we know it?!

Writer Joyce Rupp tells us to be willing to dive into the unwanted as well as the welcomed… so similar to our 13th century poet Rumi in his poem the Guest House.  “Head into the yawning humdrum as well as the extremely exciting. Float along now, buoyed by renewed trust and gratefulness.” (Joyce Rupp)

Well, I didn’t dive but yesterday I waded into the water for the first time this year. I only got waist deep. Today, in honour of the arrival of summer I plan to dive right in!

Families are gearing up for the summer break as students celebrate the end of another school year and plans for BBQ’s, family reunions, and holidays are already well underway.  Cherish every succulent moment.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to here at Trinity this summer and coming fall.

This Sunday June 23rd we are celebrating our first summer Communion.  What a lovely way to begin our summer season by gathering around the table and breaking bread together.

June 30th is the long Canada Day week-end and for those who plan on coming to church our Worship Team is hosting “Sundae Sunday” after the church service.  Yummy!

Presence on Main- During the times when the Main Street is closed for a community event Trinity will now be visible and present as people walk up and down the sidewalks.  We will have a table set up and offer a cold drink in the summer and hot chocolate in the fall and winter. This hospitable outreach activity is being spearheaded by Cathy Fairley.  If you would like to take part in this fun outreach event, please let Cathy know.  June 29th Rotary Dock fest will be our first event.  This is an extension of what we did during the Santa Claus parade last year.

A day long Summer Spiritual Retreat- July 25th at my place between 10-4 pm.  Details coming but save the date. Limit of 10 people only.  It will be a day of learning and relaxation. Let me know- first come first serve. If numbers require- we will have a second day retreat. Bring your bathing suits and towels!

In August, back by popular demand, Dock Talk at my place on Thoughtful Thursdays- August 15th, August 22nd and August 29th. This is an informal gathering where we get to know one another a little better and bring one question you would like to share with the rest of the group. These informal gatherings are one way to build connections and foster healthy relationships between one another.

Our Inspirit team is launching a Book Group on September 10th- October 8th. This is in the afternoon and starts at 2 pm in The Arnold Room.  The book, should you want to enjoy it as a summer read, is called How Happiness Happens by Max Lucado.  This is a user-friendly book and a great entry point to our fall study on happiness.   By the way, a course on happiness was the most sought-after course at Yale university in recent years.

And to celebrate the United Church of Canada’s 100th Anniversary your Inspirit team is hosting a Fall Speaker series after the Thanksgiving week-end.  The series will run on our Thoughtful Thursdays at 7pm starting October 17th until November 14th.  There will be no speaker on October 31st.  Guest speakers will be announced closer to the time.

As you can see Spirit is on the move here at Trinity United Church!

During my message last Sunday, I spoke about the importance of being an organ donor. I have received a number of enquiries on how best to do this. The need for donors is huge.  In Ontario 1400 people on average are waiting for a lifesaving organ while thousands more are in need of a transformative tissue donation. Sadly, every three days someone will die waiting. If you haven’t thought about it before, just think of the wonderful legacy you can leave behind by offering the gift of life or renewed health and well-being to others. Just filling out the information on your driver’s license is no longer enough. You must register online.  Here is the link below.

.Organ and tissue donor registration ontario.ca

At our last Director’s meeting there was some discussion around whether we needed to continue passing the collection plate on Sunday mornings because so many people are giving by e transfer or by OMG- Online Monthly Givings.  Do you have any thoughts about this?  I would like to hear them.

Financially, we are in a good place- offerings and rental income are both up and people appear to be more than willing to contribute to the vibrant and growing ministries here at Trinity United Church. Thank you for aligning your treasure with your faith and heart.   The Student Lunch program at the local high school which Cherryll Demaine will tell us more about this Sunday morning, is now asking if we can expand our ministry with them in the fall. Food for thought!?  This is a much needed and appreciated ministry in our neighbourhood.

In our Birthday Corner today:  Rev. Ken Deer and Braden Vallery blew out their candles recently. Best wishes and may the joy of your special day run with you into all the days of the year ahead. And here’s a biggie- Shane Baker’s mom- Inez Baker is celebrating her centennial or 100th birthday this week-end! Shane tells me his mom is still very much in charge and looking forward to celebrating this milestone quietly with family.  Congratulations and birthday blessings Mrs. Baker from all of us here at Trinity United Church.

Along with the first day of summer it is also National Indigenous People’s Day. I will wrap up with this prayer in honour of this day.

Great Spirit of Life, thank you for the changing seasons- for light and warmth.  For the sun that gives us life. Help us to appreciate the gifts of nature and the annual cycles and seasons. Help us to appreciate the gifts that all God’s people have to bring to life’s table and may we feast upon them all.  Amen.

Just a reminder to those who travel along Brunnel Road- bikers will be out in full force this week-end. We need to be extra mindful and cautious as we share the road with them.

Hope to see those who are not away enjoying their summer holidays on Sunday morning!

Spiritual companions on this road of life,

With Spirit’s light and blessings,

Rev. Diane

” Beloved love one another because love is of God”

1 John 4: 7